For a future worth living: How we create an ‘enkelfähig’ portfolio by Thomas Schmidt

At Haniel, we are committed to giving equal weight to a company’s performance as to its capacity to protect the environment. We believe that success does not have to happen at the expense of our future – in fact, we want to prove that sustainable business models lead to greater financial success. This is what we call ‘enkelfähig’.

Thomas Schmidt on LinkedIn: #enkelfähig #thoughtleadership

It feels good to have such an experienced, diverse and dynamic leadership team at Haniel. Taking as many people and organizations as possible along on our enkelfähig journey, both within and outside the Haniel Group, has a lot to do with thought leadership – addressing relevant topics, giving our strategy and expertise a voice.

Is there as a set of KPIs balancing Sustainability and Profit?

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Growth and success are important metrics that companies employ to measure success. Different companies and different industries will have differing metrics that they will use to measure growth and success. Some companies have brought in a set of different standards and metrics through which they aim to achieve high performance while respecting natural resources.